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International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) is a dynamic, fast paced, worldwide action shooting discipline. IPSC has rule sets for Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle, and Pistol Calibre Carbine (and many others), and many of the world's top shooters compete in it. With a well-defined and thorough rulebook competitors can travel anywhere and see the same level of consistency at matches.  IPSC has grown immensely in the more populated areas of Canada in recent years and TBCC wishes to continue that trend in Northwestern Ontario. Although we are starting small, we hope to one day host a Level 3 match, and eventually Ontario Provincials and Canadian Nationals. 

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To participate in an IPSC match in Canada, you MUST have taken the IPSC Canada Black Badge course and must be a paid up member of a provincial section (i.e. IPSC Ontario, IPSC Manitoba, etc). If you do not have a Black Badge unfortunately you will be turned away. The only exception is for foreign competitors, who either must be a non-foreign member of USPSA or their IPSC region. 


In 2020 matches will be held on the fourth Sunday of the month from May to October, on Range 3 at Nolalu. Range 3 is the 100 metre action pit to the right of the 300 metre range (turn right immediately when you're through the gate). Standard start times will be 9:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 3:00 PM Eastern with Sign-In 30 minutes before. Please register in advance on Practiscore to help with scoring/squadding and to ensure the match runs smoothly as we can only accommodate 10 shooters per  start time/squad.

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Bring your handgun (and a backup gun if you have one), your belt, eye and ear protection, at least five magazines, and more than enough ammunition to shoot the match (to account for makeup shots and possible re-shoots). Round counts will be published in the email newsletters, on Practiscore, and on IPSC Ontario's website. Dress for the weather and range conditions. Bring sunscreen, insect repellent, snacks, and drinks to stay hydrated. Match fees are $20 for Level 1s. If you have not registered online and are a walk-on it is an additional $5 fee for processing. 


Standard firearm safety rules are observed, as are the specific range rules of JR's Shooting Range in Nolalu. The IPSC Handgun rulebook is strictly followed and enforced by our NROI Canada Range Officers. As a graduate of the Black Badge program you should be versed in the rules of IPSC, however if you have questions consult either the rulebook, an RO, the Match Director, or Range Master. The IPSC Handgun rulebook can be seen here. Currently only Handgun matches are available, with PCC coming soon, and eventually Rifle and Shotgun.

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