Club Nights are one of our most popular events. Although we have held club practice nights in the past, since we started hosting them again in May 2017 they have quickly gained in popularity. Not only does everyone get out to shoot, it's also a social event where we hang out with our friends. During the outdoor shooting season we usually have a barbecue, then head over to the ranges and shoot until the range closes. Shooters can work on skill development, practice for matches, plink away at targets, get their supervised shoots done, shoot whatever guns they want, or just hang out. After shooting is done for the night and the range is all cleaned up we head out and meet up for refreshments. 

TBCC Club Nights
TBCC Club Nights


Anyone! It doesn't matter if you're a TBCC member or not, everyone can join in on the fun.  Friends and family, as well as newcomers are all welcome to come for a small donation. Even if you're brand new to shooting, don't be shy, come see what we're all about! We've got plenty of experienced shooters who will gladly help you out.


Depending on the time of year, Club Nights are held at Arnone Shooting Range on Wednesday nights from 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM, or at JR's Shooting Range in Nolalu on Wednesday nights from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM when the range closes, or until it gets dark. We shoot weekly at Nolalu from May to October (possibly into November if winter hasn't hit yet), and weekly at Arnone's year round with the exception of June to August where we shoot every second week. Check out our event calendar for more details.

Thunder Bay Combat Club Club Nights


Club nights are open to all types of shooting, so bring any guns you like (depending on the range rules) and plenty of ammo!  If you are new to shooting and don't have any guns yet, just let us know, and we can arrange to have a variety of guns for you to try. Typically if you bring brass cased factory 9x19mm ammo there will be plenty of  handguns for you to try. Barbecues are $5 for food and a drink. TBCC members shoot for free ($5 per night if you have not paid the Nolalu range use fee), though donations are appreciated. If you are a friend or family member of a TBCC member, bring $5 to cover the guest fee. For general guests the fee is $15 (includes direct supervision).


Standard firearm safety rules are observed, as are the specific range rules of each facility we shoot at (i.e. centrefire handgun and .22 only at Arnone's, no shotguns at Nolalu). Occasionally we will do a mini match in which case that discipline's rule set also applies  in addition to the above rules. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to discuss it with one of our CSSA certified Range Safety Officers. Safety on the range is of the utmost importance. Remember, if you see something unsafe, let someone know. Safety on the range is everyone's responsibility. 

Thunder Bay Combat Club Club Nights